Officers commended for finding teen missing out of Oakland County

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor Twitter: @ScottMBolt

IMG_4368A teenager who was reported missing out of Oakland County on March 6 was found safe in Huron Township, according to police, and three officers with the Huron department have been commended for a job well done.

15-year-old Miranda Ward of Rochester Hills was found March 24 in the Country Meadows mobile home park, 3211 Will Carleton Road, after a caller reported to police that they had seen the girl somewhere inside of the complex.

The girl was listed in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children database.

According to Police Chief Everette Robbins, the woman who contacted police regarding Ward’s whereabouts had picked up her own runaway daughter from the same home the night before, but was unable to give an exact address because of it being dark outside and being unfamiliar with the area.

After officers investigated the area and spoke with local residents for several hours, the girl was found safe in the 28000 block of Country Lane within the mobile home park.

“The juvenile was returned to her parents through the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department,” Robbins said.

“We do not have further information regarding the circumstances in which the juvenile went missing.”

Robbins said that Huron Township Police are assisting the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department while they attempt to locate the adult homeowner who was helping the girl.

“Initially, it does not appear that the juvenile was being held against her will,” Robbins said.

According to Robbins, the homeowner has an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest.

On Monday, Robbins submitted a letter of commendation for three officers from his department for how they responded to the situation.

Robbins said that Corporals Anthony Grant, Brian Kostielney and Duane Griffis went door to door in the pouring rain as they attempted to locate the missing girl.

“Each of your actions highlighted our departments commitment to excellence. This excellence was displayed to outside agencies that were relying on our assistance,” he said in the letter.

“Our officers did an amazing job with the limited information they had to go on. They went door to door for several hours in the pouring rain. It’s just an example of the good work they are doing every day; teamwork was essential in this situation. Because of their diligence, we were able to get this young lady returned home to her parents where she belongs.”

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