Trump, Sanders take majority of votes in Huron Township during Tuesday’s presidential primary

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor Twitter: @ScottMBolt


The polls were quiet yesterday in Huron Township. Photo by Scott Bolthouse.

Only a fraction of Huron Township’s estimated 15,000 population showed up to the polls to cast a vote during Tuesday’s presidential primary election.

Exactly 3,879 votes were cast in Huron yesterday, breaking down to 2,321 Republican votes and 1,558  Democrat votes.

A small fraction of votes on both sides were cast either uncommitted or for a write-in.

Of the votes cast for the Republican candidates, 1,135 voted for Donald Trump, 497 voted for John Kasich, and 414 voted for Ted Cruz.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders earned 857 votes while 634 voted for Hillary Clinton.

Trump won in Michigan on the Republican side yesterday, earning 25 delegates. Cruz and Kasich both came in second place and earned 17 delegates each.

Sanders won the Democrat vote across the state, earning 65 delegates while Clinton, who came in second, earned 60 delegates.

The next primary election will take place on March 15 and will include Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina.

Updated Thursday, March 10



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