Michigan primary election day in Huron Township: What voters need to know

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor
ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com Twitter: @ScottMBolt

Huron Hub file photo

Huron Hub file photo

It’s election day in Michigan.

Voters in the state will have the chance to cast a ballot today during one of the most highly watched presidential primary elections in recent history.

The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. today.

Click here for a list of polling locations in Huron Township

Today’s election is a closed primary, which means voters will be required to indicate which political party they wish to vote for before casting a ballot.

Any Michigan registered voter can participate in today’s primary. You do not need to be registered with either party.

You will have the chance to vote for either one Democrat or one Republican candidate.

There are 130 delegates at stake in today’s Democratic primary, and 59 delegates up for grabs in the GOP primary.

Voters are required to show a valid photo ID today, which includes a driver’s license, state issued ID, passport, military ID, and a student or Native American Tribal ID that has a photo.

If your polling location is at Huron High School, it is advised that you use the east entrance, which is adjacent to the parking lot that is shared by Renton Junior High and the High School. There will be signs directing voters where to go.

For more voter information: 

Huron Township Clerk’s election information website

State of Michigan voter information center

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