Summit Academy cleared of any threats following Monday morning lockdown

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor Twitter: @ScottMBolt

IMG_4368Summit Academy North Middle and High School, 18601 Middle Belt Road, has been cleared of any possible danger following an alleged threat made against the schools Monday morning.

Huron Township Police Chief Everette Robbins says that his department received information Monday morning that a parent, who has a child enrolled in the school, was threatening to come to the campus and start an altercation with staff members and police.

Huron Township police responded to the schools and immediately met with school administration and took control of the situation.

“This morning we were contacted by the Huron Police Department that they had received a threatening call from a parent. We immediately locked down the schools,” said Summit Academy Superintendent Leann Hedke in a statement.

“The police department arrived at the school immediately and contacted the parent. Although the police do not believe that he is a threat, the police department is meeting with the parent face to face. In cooperation and under the guidance of the Huron Police Department we are continuing to take precautions to assure the safety of everyone.  The parent has been banned from all school premises.  The safety of our staff and students is always our first priority,” Hedke said.

Police made contact with the parent at his residence, according to Robbins, and it was determined that there was no threat.

The complaint was handled as if a threat existed, Robbins said.

“I was very impressed by the way that the administration at Summit Academy handled this issue. It was apparent that they have a plan in place and have practiced their plan. They were able to execute their plan quickly and efficiently; It was plain to see that the safety of their staff and students were their number one concern,” he said.

“We will have a large presence at the school this afternoon, not because we believe believe that there is any threat, but to make the summit students, parents, and staff feel at ease.”

Huron Police have a school liaison officer assigned to Summit Academy, who was also on scene during the incident.


2 thoughts on “Summit Academy cleared of any threats following Monday morning lockdown

  1. Katherine

    My child goes to this school I feel they did all the right things to keep the children safe. But still it was a scary phone call to receive in the early afternoon. My child called freaked out and I went and took her home after the lock down was lifted.


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