Huron Township Police host ‘Shop with a Cop’ event (Photos)


Photo courtesy of the Huron Township Police Department


On Thursday, Dec. 17, the Huron Township Police Department was honored to participate in the Shop with a Cop Program. We were fortunate to get to spend the evening with Selena, Summer, Jackson, Jason, and Johnathon. They are some amazing young people who we had a great time getting to know. They are what Christmas is all about. We are glad Santa will be good to them this year.

We started the evening off by pairing each child with a Huron Township Police Officer and a generous volunteer. Each child got a private ride in a Huron Township Police Car to have a night out shopping.

We traveled to the Walmart Supercenter on Allen Road in Woodhaven where we each kid got to go on a shopping spree, not only for themselves, but their family as well. Each parent also went on a shopping spree of their own to help with Santa’s arrival on Christmas morning. Special thanks to Monique (Walmart Employee) who went out of her way to make sure the kids were well taken care of.

We concluded the evening with some Benitos Pizza and gift wrapping. Each child took wrapped gifts home for their family to open on Chirstmas morning.

Each child also got a brand new winter coat courtesy of R.P. and Helena Lilly and the Huron Township Goodfellows.

Both families received a Walmart gift card to help with a great Christmas dinner courtesy of the Huron Township Rotary Club.

Special Thanks goes out to the following people who volunteered their time and made this great event possible: Chief Everette Robbins; Deputy Chief Mark Perkins; Lt. Leo Girard; Sgt. Robert Kelch; Corporal Keith Nickrand; Corporal Kari Schneider; Officer Rick Proctor; Huron Township Trustee Marlene Krause; Huron Township Trustee Donna Mendrysa; Huron Township Trustee Michael Stach; Lauren Stach; Carrie Robbins; Angie Kelch; Deb Kirk; Teresa Squires; Brown Elementary Principal Cory Pengelly.

Also, special thanks to Huron Township Reserve Officer Mike Dombrowski for his help in preparing for this event.

More special thanks goes out to the following people for their generous donations that made this night possible for these children: Huron Township Supervisor David Glaab; The Huron Township Goodfellows; Trustee R.P. Lilly; Helena Lilly; Melissa and Jerry Chapp; The Brown PTO; Pauline Carr; Cherie & Gordon Stump; Anthony Joquico; The Meeker Family; Christopher Ochs; Huron School Board Trustee Trena Szawara and Family; Debby & Bruno Duchaine; The Littler Family; Janet Richardson-Reininger; Stephanie Sayler; Jennifer Fluent; Kimberly Haas; Leeann West; Stacey Reynolds; Tom & Diane Hansbro; Dan Kirk.

So many people contributed to this event, if I missed anyone I apologize. We look forward to continuing to make this an annual event. Have a Merry Christmas!

Source: Huron Township Police Department 

Photos courtesy of the Huron Township Police Department 


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