Wayne County Roads Division ready to tackle this year’s winter

File photo by Scott Bolthouse.

File photo by Scott Bolthouse.

Wayne County Roads Division is prepared for the 2015-2016 snow and ice season; road crews remain ready to clear a safe path for motorists who travel the 99 routes Wayne County is responsible for clearing during the winter season.

Besides the short-lived snow emergency that occurred a few weeks ago that helped Wayne County roads crews sharpen their skills; Robert Conrad, Director of Wayne County Roads Division said his team has been taking the necessary steps to prepare for the day when a major snow storm hits the area.Snow_Huron

“All of our snow plows have received their routine maintenance checks, our salt deliveries have been received,” said Conrad. “Our drivers are ready to hit the roadway at the next sign of snow fall.”

“Wayne County’s goal is to keep our roads as safe as possible for motorists by providing timely and effective snow removal service across our 43 communities,” said Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans. “Our dedicated road crews are seasoned snow and ice removal experts. I expect they will match their outstanding performance from last winter.”

Snow Removal, Reporting and Monitoring with Compass  

Wayne County maintains over 4,450 lane miles of primary roadway during snow and ice season by covering 99 routes that have been specially designed to help County road crews remove the snow and ice in an efficient and timely manner.  At the beginning of a snow storm crews are called in to the yard and assigned a route to clear. Wayne County drivers work around the clock during a snow storm to clear all primary roads down to bare pavement.

The Wayne County Roads Division has approximately 160 salt trucks and plows that are all equipped with GPS technology. Eighteen of the snow plow trucks are equipped with real time video dashboard cameras that can be viewed by the public on Wayne County’s web-based road monitoring application called “Compass.”

“Wayne County Compass is a great tool to assist residents and visitors in staying informed during a winter snow storm,” said Conrad. “Using Compass, people can view live video streams from our snow plows, access real time views from MDOT  traffic cameras, learn what County roads have been traveled by a snow plow and better manage their commutes.”

Compass can be accessed by visiting compass.waynecounty.com.

Wayne County has committed to remaining visible and responsive throughout the upcoming snow and ice season, ensuring that the public stays informed of their efforts to keep them safe. If you encounter a hazardous road condition anytime during your commute Wayne County wants to know about it, please report it to their 24-hour Road Hazard hotline at 1-888-ROAD CREW.

Source: Wayne County 


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