Train tracks cleared after police investigate incident near Inkster railroad crossing



By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor


The train tracks near 22000 Inkster Road were given the all-clear on Friday, Nov. 13 after calls came into Huron Township Police regarding a possible vehicle and train crash.

Police Chief Everette Robbins said that when officers responded and talked with the train’s operator, he said the he believed that the train hit something on the tracks, but did not believe it was a vehicle.

Robbins said the operator also believed that the noise he heard may have been from a cargo shift inside one of the train’s cars.

Officers from Huron Township and Sumpter Township Police responded to the scene along with Huron Township Firefighters and Huron Valley Ambulance.

After authorities searched the tracks, nothing was found that could have obstructed the train, and there have been no new calls since the incident occurred.

“We have received several calls from concerned residents and want to make sure the information gets out correctly. We have no reason to believe at this point that anyone or anything such as a vehicle was hit. We saw no signs of anyone injured in the area. The train was stopped by the conductor himself, not because of an obstruction,” Robbins said.


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