Huron Township police officer selected to join Downriver Crisis Negotiation Team


Officer James Poma. Photo courtesy of the Huron Township Police Department.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

James Poma, an officer with the Huron Township Police Department, was selected on Monday to join the Downriver Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), according to Police Chief Everette Robbins.

CNT, according to Robbins, is a component of Downriver Mutual Aid. The specialized group works closely with SWAT during high risk situations, acting as their communications arm.

The unit is made up of multiple officers from several downriver police departments. The members of the team must receive advanced training in communication and negotiations techniques.

The team, in conjunction with SWAT, responds to crisis situations with the intent to negotiate hostage or barricaded gunman situations.

Poma received certification for basic and advanced hostage negotiations on Oct. 9 and is the first Huron Township officer to be selected for the position.

“I am very proud to have Officer Poma represent not only our department, but our community throughout the downriver area. Officer Poma represents all that we strive to be, a professional officer who delivers quality service to our residents while working hand in hand with our community partners,” Robbins said.

“We have had numerous incidents over the past couple years in which we have called upon the Downriver Crisis Negotiation Team. They have served us well and all of our incidents have been resolved safely,” he said.




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