Huron High School student arrested after making threats of violence on Twitter


By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

A 16-year-old Huron High School student was taken into custody on Oct. 6 after making serious threats against the school on the social media website Twitter.

According to Police Chief Everette Robbins, the Huron Township Police Department was notified on Tuesday by high school administration regarding the threat made against the school.

An initial investigation showed that a student — who will not be named due to their age — made a threat on Twitter saying that he would bring a weapon to school and fire it in the hallways.

Once police made contact with the student at his residence, officers took him into custody. No weapons were located on the student at the time of the arrest, according to Robbins.

After being transferred to the police department, the student was interviewed in the presence of his parents and transported to the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Center and is pending charges.

Further investigation revealed that a separate 16-year-old Huron High student retweeted the initial threat. That student was also taken into custody and cited for their involvement and is pending placement into the 34th District Court’s juvenile diversion program.

“Any threat to our schools, their staff and our kids, must be and will be taken seriously. We will take no chances with the well being of our children and will use all of the available resources to keep them safe,” said Robbins.

The Huron School District first notified parents of the threat through their telephone notification system. The notification eased worried parents and explained that the student was under arrest and that it was safe to attend school on Wednesday.

Huron Police beefed up patrols at both the high school and middle school Wednesday, stationing several officers in the parking lots of both schools during arrival times.

“This was done to give parents and sense of security upon arrival, there was no known threats to student safety this morning,” said Robbins.

“We have a great working relationship with the Huron High School Administration. They notified us of the threat immediately and put several of their protocols in place prior to our arrival. They put the safety of their students and staff first throughout the entire process and maintained contact with us throughout the evening and into the early morning hours. They did all they could do to keep our kids safe on their end and I thank them for their efforts,” he said.

In a press release from Richard Naughton, Superintendent of Huron Schools, he noted that the Twitter post was brought to the attention of school staff at the end of the day Tuesday.

“As always, student safety is our primary focus in the Huron School District,” said Naughton.

“As a result, appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the safety of students and staff. Huron School Officials and the Huron Township Police continue to work collaboratively in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the Huron School Family,” he said.

With the onslaught of shootings in schools and churches across the nation recently, Robbins said that it is a good reminder for parents to take the time to have a conversation with their kids about the consequences of posting threats or bullying on social media.

“Hopefully, this can be a learning experience for them as it relates to social media and its negative effects.”


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