Police officer commended for helping deliver newborn baby


By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

A letter of commendation was awarded to a Huron Township police officer following his quick response to a mother who was in labor.

The letter — presented by Police Chief Everette Robbins — stated that on Sept. 19, Officer Sterling Price was dispatched to the 18200 block of Inkster Road to assist in a full-term labor.

When Price arrived, he took control of the situation and helped safely deliver the newborn baby with the assistance of Huron Valley Ambulance Dispatch.

After delivering the baby, Price placed her in a blanket and helped comfort the mother.

“I spoke to the father of the newborn child today. He wanted me to express his gratitude for the way you handled this situation,” Robbins said in the letter.

The baby girl — named Sarah — is doing well and weighs just less than eight pounds, according to the letter.

“(The father) also mentioned that you brought a sense of calm to his family during a hectic time and he credited you with helping he and his wife deliver a healthy baby girl,” said Robbins.

Robbins commended Price for his bravery, teamwork and professional commitment to the safety of the residents in the community.

“Your actions and exemplary service you provided epitomize the mission of the Huron Township Police Department.”


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