Huron Township resident assaults police officers with frying pan, pocket knife


29-year-old Huron resident Stacey Satterlee. Photo courtesy of the Huron Township Police Department.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

If it wasn’t for the quick actions of Huron Township Police officers, an assault situation could have ended up with extreme injuries and multiple victims.

On Sept. 2, Huron dispatch received a 911 call regarding a domestic violence in progress.

According to Huron Township Police Chief Everette Robbins, a witness told dispatch that there was yelling and banging coming from a home in the 19000 block of Savage Road.

When officers arrived, they observed 29-year-old Stacey Satterlee on the front lawn of a home holding a frying pan.

A fight between Satterlee and officers quickly ensued.

When officers ordered the man to drop the pan, Satterlee charged at police raising the frying pan over his head.

He then threw the pan at the officers.

Satterlee then picked up a nearby metal weight and threw it at the officers, missing them.

When officers advised the man to stop and put his hands up, he charged them and jumped in the air, kicking one officer in the chest.

Satterlee went to the ground and began wrestling with the officers while holding a 4-inch knife blade in his hand. Officers were able to remove the knife after using a taser on the assailant.

As Satterlee was taken into custody, he continued to spit at the officers.

A Huron Township officer was transported to Henry Ford Hospital for non-life threatening injuries following the incident.

“It is truly unfortunate that in today’s climate, people feel free to assault police officers. This incident had the potential to have a much different result. The experience and quick reaction of our officers made sure everyone, including the suspect, made it through the incident alive. It is always a good day when police officers get to go home safely at the end of their shift,” said Robbins.

Satterlee was arraigned on multiple assault charges by the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney, including a four year felony for assaulting and resisting a police officer, assault with a dangerous weapon — a four year felony, and a misdemeanor offense for domestic violence.

Satterlee is also a habitual offender, receiving a charge for his third offense.

He is being held in the Wayne County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

According to Robbins, before officers arrived on the scene, Satterlee assaulted the victim at the residence multiple times, causing minor injuries.

“I would hate to think of what could have happened to the victim in this case had our officers not responded quickly. Huron Township really is a better place because our men and women put on the uniform and serve our community on a daily basis,” Robbins said.


1 thought on “Huron Township resident assaults police officers with frying pan, pocket knife

  1. Sunny Boulton

    Love your paper. Keep us (Huron Residents) in the know as to what is going on in our community. Thank you, Keep up the good work.


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