Huron Township Police Sergeant thanked for assisting Tecumseh officer during arrest


By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

Huron Township Police Sergeant Brian Tyitye was thanked by the Tecumseh Police Department for his assistance during a recent arrest in a July 9 letter to the Huron Department.

In the letter, Sergeant Brett Coker of the Tecumseh Police expressed his gratitude for Tyitye’s assistance in apprehending what he referred to as a “potentially dangerous suspect.”

Source: Google Maps

Source: Google Maps

On June 21, a lone Tecumseh police officer was involved in a vehicle pursuit on M-50 that ended in the Village of Britton.

According to Coker, the Tecumseh officer was struggling to secure the suspect while calling for backup over the radio.

At the time, no backup units were available.

Tyitye, who was off duty at the time and with his family, witnessed the struggle and immediately approached the Tecumseh officer, identified himself as a fellow officer and offered his help.

Both officers gained control of the suspect and after securing him in handcuffs, placed him into a patrol vehicle.

“Ofc. Tyitye displayed bravery and compassion for his fellow officer that day,” said Coker.

“Chief Robbins, you should be proud to have such a fine individual at the Huron Township Police Department.”

Tyitye was recently promoted to Sergeant after working with the Huron Township Department since 1995.

“It reaffirms the decision to promote Sgt. Tyitye to a leadership position within the Huron Township Police Department,” said Huron Township Police Chief Everette Robbins.


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