Huron Township Police participate in regional initiative designed to disrupt the criminal process and improve roadway safety


By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

Between June 22 and July 4, the Huron Township Police Department, along with 68 other state and federal agencies, participated in “Operation Blue Light III.”

The operation was an initiative designed to disrupt the criminal process, improve safety on our roadways, address the current crime trends and enhance the quality of life for residents through a combined regional response, according to an official media release.

“Each agency deployed available resources within their own city to provide high visibility traffic stops based on their respective crime and crash patterns and trends,” the press release said.

In Huron Township, police participated in 700 traffic stops issuing 732 citations, impounded 15 vehicles, made three felony arrests, 12 misdemeanor arrests and 12 IMG_4368warrant arrests.

“We are very appreciative of the opportunity to be part of this collaborative effort. We are working hard to build strong outside partnerships that benefit our community and region. It proves that we can achieve much more working together than we can alone,” said Huron Police Chief Everette Robbins.

“While we were one of the smaller police agencies that participated in this effort, our officers and dispatch staff really stepped up and put up statistics comparable to many of the larger departments. Although these stats only reflect 13 days, it is very indicative of the work that our officers put in on a daily basis.”

Across the region, 21,814 vehicles were stopped, 20,453 citations were issued and 503 felony arrests were made.


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