Breaking and entering at Pinnacle Race Course produces two arrests; 51 year old arrested for Criminal Sexual Conduct in the June police beat


File photo by Scott Bolthouse

The following information was submitted by the Huron Township Police Department. 

June 7 – Officers responded to the 19000 block of Savage Road for an unresponsive male. A 66 year old Huron Township resident was pronounced deceased. The death was ruled a natural death.

June 10 – Officers responded to the area of Sibley and I275 for a report of an assault. A 53 year old Livonia resident was arrested for Felonious Assault.

June 13 – Officers responded to the 22000 block of Bell Road in regards to a death investigation. An 87 year old Huron Township Resident was pronounced deceased of natural causes.

June 26 – Officers responded to the Pinnacle Race Course for a report of a breaking and entering in progress. Two arrests were made in this incident.

June 24 – Officers responded to the 28000 block of Spruce for a suicidal person who was actively attempting suicide. The individual fled from the responding officers and was taken into protective custody and provided medical attention.

June 26 – Officers and Detectives were called to investigate a case of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 29000 block of Pine Street. A 51 year old Huron Township resident was taken into custody for Criminal Sexual Conduct.

June 28 – Officers responded to the 27000 block of Versailles for a report of a young child walking alone in the neighborhood. A 28 year old Huron Township female was arrested for Felony Child Abuse.

June 29 – A resident reported a larceny from motor vehicle in the 28000 block of Betsy. A handgun was stolen from the un-locked vehicle.

June Statistics

Calls for Service – 409

Reports Generated – 140

Accidents – 29

Arrests – 40

Larceny from Auto – 3

Breaking and entering – 4


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