Foot golf at Lower Huron Metropark chock-full of fun and exercise


Foot golf is a hybrid combination of traditional golf and soccer.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

If you’ve played a round of golf this season at the par three course at Lower Huron Metropark, you may have noticed that the course has added an extra orange flagstick adjacent to each green.

The holes that the flags sit in are abnormally large and could be filled with dozens of golf balls.

Golfers shouldn’t aim for the orange flags unless, of course, you’re a foot golfer.


Holes are 21 inches in diameter.

The hybrid sport is a new game added this spring which combines soccer and golf and is as simple to play as it sounds.

It’s also a lot of fun.

Next to each tee is a small orange globe staked into the ground. This is where the foot golfer will tee — or better yet — kick off.

If you’re familiar with how golf is played, the rest is easy — just count your kicks as you make your way closer to each flagstick. The diameter of each hole is 21-inches and the player with the fewest kicks wins the game.

On average, if you have decent aim and leg strength, foot golfers can reach the flagsticks by taking somewhere between 3-6 shots — similar to what it would take if you took part in a traditional golf game at the course. However, foot golf seemed easier than regular golf.

If you decide to ditch the clubs and give foot golf a try, be advised: it requires considerably more leg strength and athletic ability than a regular round of golf.

The advantage of the foot game is that is goes by quick, clearing the way for regular golfers in just a matter of a few minutes for each hole.

Foot golf at the Lower Huron Metropark course costs $7.00 per round on the weekends, $6.00 on weekdays and $5.00 for juniors and seniors Monday through Friday.

You can bring your own ball to kick around or rent one from the attendant for an extra $2.00.

For more information and for a special one-dollar off coupon, visit The Metropark’s foot golf website.


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