Simulated aviation disaster held at Detroit Metro Airport (PICTURES AND VIDEO)


Firefighters and other emergency personnel responding to what would be an injured passenger during the simulation. Photo by Scott Bolthouse.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Dozens of emergency response and fire personnel converged on Detroit Metropolitan Airport Wednesday to execute a full scale emergency response to a simulated aviation disaster.

The scenario was conducted by the Airport Authority and is part of its certification requirements under a federal aviation regulation. The regulation requires such exercises to be conducted by the airport every three years.

Airport Disaster and Preparedness Training (ADAPT) exercises, according to Airport Authority communications officials, ensures the airport’s preparedness to respond in the event of an aircraft disaster. The exercise also provides an opportunity to test and evaluate its emergency response procedures.

The drill included a response from Metro Airport’s special Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting team, as well as mutual aid from neighboring firefighting and EMS that would normally respond to this type of emergency.

About 100 test dummies representing injured passengers were laid out and tagged according to the injuries that they could have sustained during a disaster.

The simulation was equivalent to a medium sized jetliner.

Photos by Scott Bolthouse 

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