Four Huron Township residents arrested following the assaults of multiple victims at Huron Estates mobile home community

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

Three adult male suspects and one juvenile female were arrested following the assaults of multiple victims in the Huron Estates mobile home community on Saturday, May 2. All four suspects are residents of Huron Township.

18 year olds Travis Louis Charbonaeu, Trevor Perry Charbonaeu and Allen Deandra Flowers were arrested and charged with six counts of assault, a ten year felony, and one felony firearms count worth a mandatory two year sentence.

The female suspect, who is also arrested on felony charges, is not being identified due to her age.

According to Police Chief Everette Robbins, Huron Township officers responded to the 22000 block of Marquee Street after a call came in that an assault was in progress.

When the officers arrived on scene, multiple victims had been assaulted and the suspects had fled the area.

One victim was struck in the head with a semi-automatic loaded handgun. They were transported to a local hospital with serious but non life threatening injuries.

Robbins said no shots were fired and that this was not a random crime.

After an in-depth investigation by Huron Police, the perpetrators were identified and arrested.

All three adult suspects were arraigned and are currently being held in the Wayne County Jail and have been given a $100,000 bond.

“We hope that the youth of our township will take notice of these serious charges and learn a valuable lesson. One serious incident such as this one can seriously impact the rest of their life,” said Robbins.

“As we move into the warm weather months, it is important that we as a police organization send the message that we cannot tolerate these types of acts or any other criminal activity. We will do what it takes to help our residents have the quality of life they deserve.”


3 thoughts on “Four Huron Township residents arrested following the assaults of multiple victims at Huron Estates mobile home community

  1. Robert Mugabe

    Get the riff raff out of better background checks of residents and supply a security guard at the basketball courts because it does state residents only.. Be more concerned about the quality of people and not about the and safety should be your main concern.yes appearance is important but when people work 7days a week its unnecessary to be a unprofessional and a ass about it ..many people have completely agreed about this place about all issues listed above but the place is ran by seven different lawyers so its a money issue..its sad money destroys lifes and should take in stride the suicide rate in Michigan is extremely high why add to the struggle. Fix the problems not make more..

  2. Courtney

    Im glad one of these kids was picking on my 5 year old on last may…… and my dad n father on law got in trouble for sticking up for my son now they do this im glad thank gosh now we wont have drama in the park……they mother should. Be proud smh………


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