A look at Huron Township’s history through the eyes of the 1967 Centennial booklet



By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor


Between June 10-18, 1967, the Huron Township Community celebrated its “centennial” existence – 100 years – in Southeastern Michigan.

Leading up to the celebration in 67′, the Huron-New Boston Centennial Committee created a special booklet featuring many historical aspects of Huron Township.

By 2017, 50 years will have passed since the centennial celebration, marking Huron’s 150th anniversary, or it’s “sesquicentennial.”

Thanks to Huron Hub friend and follower Heather Kaniecki, who loaned the booklet that many other area residents may also have sitting in their library, we take a unique look back at some of the history surrounding the formation of the township, its villages and early settler information. The booklet included many other pieces of historical information, including how the school system was set up and how the early settlers used then modern-day travel options to get around the area.

Did you know that the village of New Boston was once referred to as Catville? No – it has nothing to do with our favorite feline friend. Read below to find out the interesting history of Huron Township.

Tip: When you view each individual page in the gallery, right click and choose “open image in new window/tab” to zoom in and read the text. 


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