Huron Township Board of Trustees reject Compensation Commission’s recommendation for a pay raise


By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Following several meetings over the past few weeks where the vote had been tabled, the Board of Trustees accepted a motion to reject the Compensation Commission’s recommendation for an 8.6-percent increase in pay to the supervisor, clerk and treasurer.

The vote, which took place during Wednesday evening’s board meeting, was 5-1 to reject the recommendation, with Supervisor David Glaab being the sole board member who voted against the measure to reject.

The recommendation was first decided on during a Feb. 10 meeting of the Compensation Commission.

“Historically it’s always a difficult thing for elected officials to be put into a position to literally vote on their compensation,” said Glaab.

“That is why there is a Compensation Commission to bring forth their recommendation so that there is some rationale behind the numbers.”

The commission was appointed by the board during a Oct. 22, 2014 meeting.

Glaab noted that there hasn’t been a change in compensation to any board member in seven years, and that he would make a commitment to make sure the committee is meeting on a more regular basis so that adjustments can be made if they are deemed necessary.


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