Compensation Commission decision tabled, Huron Fire Chief notes positive first experiences with HVA at Wednesday evening’s board meeting


By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

The decision to accept or reject the Compensation Commission’s recommendation for a salary raise to select positions on the Board of Trustees has been tabled to a later date following Wednesday evening’s meeting.

The absence of a board member, in this case Clerk VanWasshnova, was the reason cited for pushing back the decision.

Kevin Foley, Township Attorney, stated that the board is legally allowed to decide the matter at a later board meeting.

During a Feb. 10 meeting, the commission voted to recommend an 8.6% increase in compensation to the Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer.

According to the commission, based upon comparisons of other communities, the Trustees will remain at their current salary level.

Once they decide to vote, the board may accept or reject, in whole or in part, the recommendations of the commission.

In other business at the meeting, Huron Township Fire Chief Ed Gillman gave a brief presentation regarding the handing over of EMS runs to Huron Valley Ambulance (HVA).

During the Feb. 12 meeting of the board, a contract was approved with HVA allowing the private ambulance service to take priority on medical runs.

According to Gillman, HVA took over ambulance runs in the township starting at midnight Sunday evening.

“From everything that I see and hear, they’re doing a good job so far,” said Gillman.

“We’re constantly going to monitor them to make sure they’re doing a good job.”

Gillman said that in the first 48 hours of HVA’s operation in the township, 12 medical calls and one kitchen fire were responded to by Huron Township Fire and HVA.

“All 12 calls were answered in proper and appropriate times,” said Gillman.

Gillman noted that the HVA unit is stationed at Fire Dept. 1 in town, along with paid on call personnel.

When HVA first arrived, Gillman said that a crew helped make some improvements to the station, cleaning an office and dorm area, painting and installing new tiles and fixing some lights on the building – all at no cost to the department.

The department will also save roughly $8,000 in medical supplies that will be provided by HVA.

Regarding the first reports on response times, Gillman said that they were very good, with two instances where the HVA unit actually made it to a call before the Huron unit did.

A report will be provided each month to the fire department that cites response times and other statistics, and Gillman said that he would make sure the board gets that information every time it comes in.


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