Huron Township Police conduct proactive K9 operation at Huron High and Renton Middle School 

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief 

The Huron Township Police Department, with assistance from the Michigan State Police K-9 unit,  conducted a proactive search within both Huron High School and Renton Middle school on Thursday, March 26.

Huron Police Chief Everette Robbins said that the search was not in response to any particular incident or ongoing issue within the schools.

The search was focused on student lockers and vehicles.

No drugs were found in any locker or vehicle.

“A lot of credit should go to the Superintendent, School Board, Principals, Athletic Director, Teachers, Secretary’s, and all other staff that work in the Huron School District. Together, they provide a safe and healthy environment for our students. Principal Rowe and Principal Mrocko are always available to us when we need assistance and we cannot thank them enough,” said Robbins.

“We have checked both school districts in Huron Township over the past couple weeks and both have passed the test successfully. We certainly have some great young men and women in our schools, the future is bright,” he said.

A similar search was conducted within Summit Academy Schools earlier this month.

No drugs were found during that search as well.

“We are very appreciative of the Michigan State Police Canine Unit. Outside partnerships that benefit our community remains a priority, we cannot thank them enough for helping keep our children safe,” Robbins said.


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