Spring thaw conditions prompt Wayne County DPS to close gravel roads in Huron TWP

Prescott Road at Middle Belt facing the West in Huron Township.

Prescott Road at Middle Belt facing West in Huron Township.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

The arrival of the much anticipated spring thaw in Michigan typically brings with it positive thoughts of warmer days and quality time outside.

For some township residents, it will also bring a few minor headaches in the form of road closures.

According to the Huron Township government website, a number of gravel roads around the township will be “closed to thru traffic” do to unsafe road conditions.

In Huron Township, Grix Road from Middle Belt to Inkster and Prescott Road from Merriman to Middle Belt will be closed.

In nearby Sumpter Township, both Carelton-West between Judd Road and Wear Road and Karr between Willow and Wear will also be closed.

According to the township, not all gravel roads will be impacted by closures. Impacted roads will be clearly marked.

Wayne County Road crews will monitor county gravel road conditions and make decisions whether or not to place road closure signs in some areas.

According to the township website, once underground frost subsides, it will be possible for road crews to grade the gravel roads.

For a regularly updated list of county gravel road closures, visit the Wayne County DPS web page at www.waynecounty.com/DPS. From there, click the “Wayne County Thaw Road Closures” tab to access a daily updated list of closures.

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