Huron Board of Trustees approve starting point for Huron River Drive and Sibley Road improvements


Photo of Huron River Drive in Downtown New Boston submitted by Huron Resident Jeremy Cady.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

The Huron Township Board of Trustees approved a request from Township Engineer James Hollandsworth to authorize the survey work and design improvements for Huron River Drive and Sibley Road in Downtown New Boston.

The board’s approval represents the starting point for the project. The survey work and design will have to be submitted to Wayne County for final approval.

Hollandsworth gave a brief presentation at Wednesday evening’s board meeting, explaining that in 2014, the water main along Huron River Drive in Downtown New Boston was lined, requiring some areas of the roadway and sidewalk to be excavated.

Now that the water main work is finished, Huron River Drive requires much needed improvements due to damage from past water main breaks and the water main lining project.

“We’ve been working with the planners to try and develop even more for the downtown area,” said Hollandsworth.

The Sibley Road and Huron River Drive intersection in downtown also experienced damage due to the water lining project and will be included in the repair plan as well.

Curbs and sidewalks in the areas of both projects will also be repaired.

Hollandsworth noted in a letter to the board that in order to save money it was more cost effective to hire a paving contractor instead of the water main lining contractor.

The Huron River Drive plan, which includes Waltz Road to Oakwood Metropark and general repairs to Huron River Drive North of the intersection of Waltz Road to Sibley Road, will cost $31,000.

The Sibley Road Intersection & Drainage Improvements will total $13,500.

Hollandsworth said during the meeting that he is willing to work with the supervisor and bond council to implement and revitalize the downtown area.

“Instead of putting more patches on Huron River Drive, the goal is to develop a trail way from the Metro Parks further east,” said Hollandsworth.

The next step is for Hollandsworth and Hennessey Engineers to submit detailed engineering plans and permit applications to Wayne County.


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