The Huron Hub celebrates one year anniversary as an alternative news source in Huron Township

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief 


On March 14, 2015, The Huron Hub will celebrate it’s one year anniversary of operating as an alternative and independent news source in Huron Township. I specifically remember the week that led up to that Friday. I worked for hours on setting up the website, designing it and learning the ins and outs of maintaining what would be the first ever website that I built on my own.

Without followers and regular readers, this venture would have never made it. As of today and including this post, I have published 117 articles that include only relevant information to the Huron community.

Total views from all of my articles have reached 135,888 as of this very moment. The Facebook site, which is the primary way of sharing my stories and communicating with my readers, now has over 1,100 followers, many of which interact in some way on a regular basis.

I would like to truly thank every one of you who have decided to follow my posts and allow my information to be part of your daily viewing habits on the internet and on Facebook.

One of the best ways to honor what I do is to spread the word. Whether it be digitally or through word of mouth, sharing the website and Facebook page with your family, friends and neighbors is something I appreciate. As views, hits and likes continue to grow, it motivates me on a daily basis.

In case you missed some of the more popular stories from the past year, below are multiple links to the articles that had the most views and interaction.

Click images to view full story 

Huron Township and Romulus Police Departments distribute 55 bikes to needy families via Marines ‘Toys for Tots’ (PICTURES)

Huron Township Police seeking breaking and entering suspect

Huron Township Police arrest two home invasion suspects out of Southwest Detroit; both involved in recent string of robberies

Huron Township Police arrest two home invasion suspects out of Southwest Detroit; both involved in recent string of robberies

Jimmy Williams Memorial 5K Run raises $8000 for scholarship fund (SLIDESHOW)

Huron Township Police to introduce new Mounted Unit at 2014 Applefest

Sault Ste. Marie Indian Tribe files applications to acquire land in Huron Township and Lansing (UPDATED)

Huron Township Police Officer receives Letter of Commendation prompted by Huron Fire Sergeant

Huron Township Board approves contract with Huron Valley Ambulance, Layoffs of current fire personnel still up in the air

Police: UPS employee arrested for stealing packages from porches in Huron Township

What’s Next? 

The Huron Hub will continue to operate like it regularly does! In all honesty, I have the “digital age” to thank for being able to set this thing up, and it is also responsible for the way I publish stories. A decade ago this probably would have never been able to happen.

When a story comes in, or when a source sends me information to publish, it can go up immediately. This means the reader doesn’t need to wait for a weekly paper periodical to get their news. It also makes available an archive of past stories that will never go away (which is a feature any reader can take advantage of – all stories are archived by month).

This means that at any time, if you or your organization has a news worthy story, tip or press release, please email the information here. Promoting the news and events in this community is one of the primary reasons why I started The Hub.

There will be a few changes in the future. This week the website ( will be receiving a makeover. Don’t worry – while the website may be down from time to time during the redesign, all stories, like usual, will be posted on the Facebook page. They can also be viewed on our WordPress news feed as well.

Finally, due to the fact that there are some operational costs that are associated with running this operation, I will be adding a donation button on the website and as a link in my stories.

If you like what I do and enjoy reading the updated information on a regular basis, donating will help ensure that The Huron Hub will remain a regular staple in the Huron Township community. Articles and information posted will always be free to view, but if a reader feels compelled to go the extra mile, donating will be an option in the near future. Stay tuned for more information regarding the accepting of donations.

Also, if you own a business in the area and would like to set up an advertising schedule with The Hub, please feel free to contact me via email. I can work with you to set up low cost advertising that can be linked on both the website and within articles that I write. Remember, in a year, my stories received over 135,000 views. That’s 135,000 eyes that could be viewing your advertisement.

Again, thank you for your readership! As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions and tips. I look forward to seeing this grow even more in the years to come.







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