Huron Township Rotary to award ten scholarships to local students, other projects highlighted




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It’s that time of year again. The Huron Township Rotary Club is taking applications through the counseling office at Huron High School for 10 scholarships awarded annually. Students apply in writing and a screening committee of Rotarians selects finalists who are invited to speak at a Rotary dinner. Final selections are then made from amongst the speakers.

The Scholarships are:

2 Virginia Bird Academic Scholarships of $1000 each.

1 Jim “Hammer” Mason Vocational Scholarship at $1000

1 Al Gessert Arts Scholarship at $1000

1 Artie Stoner Athletic Scholarship at $1000

1 Sheila K. Williams Community Service Scholarship at $1000

4 Overall Citizenship scholarships awarded at $500 each.

These scholarships, like the many other community service projects Rotary does, are funded through our annual Harley Davidson Motorcycle raffle. Information about the raffle can be found on the Huron Township Rotary Website at

In addition to our continued issuance of the scholarships, we support high school and middle school age students by sponsoring “Outdoor Challenge” which is an Explorer Post that engages students in many activities to build both character and skills. Outdoor Challenge has been in the schools for years and the Rotary is a major contributor to this fine group.

This year saw the resurrection of the new Huron Township Police Explorers program. Officers Keith Nickrand and Bryan Tyitye working in cooperation with Chief Everette Robbins approached the Rotary about sponsoring the Explorers. The Huron Township Rotary jumped at the chance and is now the exclusive sponsor.

The club takes a great deal of pride in the community, the schools, and most of all the students of Huron Township.


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