Police: 29 year old female held against her will in Huron Township, suspect arrested

56 year old Sonnichsen

56 year old Fred Orland Sonnichsen

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

On Sunday, Feb. 1, the Huron Township Police Department responded to a call in the 24000 block of Inkster Road regarding an assault in progress between a male and a female.

According to Huron Police Chief Everette Robbins, Huron Officers heard a female screaming and crying from the residence upon arrival.

Officers initially made contact with 56 year old Fred Orland Sonnichsen, a resident of the home. According to Robbins, officers then made entry into the residence and made contact with a 29 year old female who advised authorities that she had been held against her will and had been sexually assaulted.

According to Robbins, the victim said that she was an acquaintance of the suspect who attacked her and confined her against her will inside his residence.

After attempting to flee, the suspect chased and dragged her back into the residence and was then sexually assaulted.

Robbins said that the suspect attempted to keep the victim quiet as Huron Township Officers arrived on the scene.

After hearing her screams, officers made entry into the home to assist the victim and arrest Sonnichsen.

“The quick response and great decision making by our responding officers most likely kept a bad situation from getting worse,” said Robbins.

“The victim in this investigation did exactly what you hope all victims are able to do. She had the courage to get the attention of neighbors and responding officers. We are glad that she is safe and that the suspect will be held responsible for his actions.”

Sonnichsen was arraigned on Feb. 4 on three counts of criminal sexual conduct, as well  as kidnapping – a life offense.


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