Letter to the Editor: Resident comments on recent and upcoming Compensation Commission meetings


In 2014 the Supervisor called together a compensation commission to begin meeting in January 2015.  A compensation commission can only meet in odd years. The commission is called to examine the pay for our elected officials, then decide if a raise or decrease should be recommended. They may also recommend that the current pay structure is fine the way it stands.  The compensation commission has 45 days to come up with a proposal. The recommendation of this commission must be voted on by the township board within 30 days of their decision.

The compensation commission has met every Tuesday in January and the next meeting is February 10, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the Township Hall.  If the commission were to recommend a decrease in salary, the board could vote in favor of the decrease, or against it.  All things would remain the same if they reject the offer.  If it were passed, the changes would take place in the 2016 fiscal year when the new board members were elected.  If the compensation commission recommends a increase in salary, the board has 30 days to approve and  the raise would take place immediately.  In 2007 when the commission recommended the raise, the raise was voted in, then trustee Glaab made a motion that it be retroactive, that passed as well.

The commission members picked by Supervisor Glaab are as follows: David Jackson, Chris Gamber-McLenon, Ted Pappas, Tom Chiles, and Jennifer Bowler-Minton. The meetings have been well attended by the residents.  Valuable information has been provided to the commission by the members in the audience.  Although they hear us, they are not being swayed by the comments.  At the January 27 meeting, David Jackson came to the meeting with three proposed increases and expected a vote. One of his proposals would be to give the Supervisor a $7,000 annual increase and $6,000 to both the Clerk and Treasurer.

Because our Trustee’s are among the higher paid in the surrounding area, no raise was recommended for them.  One commission member also suggested that the trustee stipend of $100.00 per Township Board meeting be taken away. Because a member of the commission was on vacation the Chair tabled the vote until the full commission was present to vote.

The time for apathy is over.  This is a call to action!  Be present at the next commission meeting February 10 to be heard.  However, more importantly, attend the Township board meetings February 11th , 25th, and March 11th to confront the elected officials about voting themselves a raise.

Johan Sutton
Huron Township Resident


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