Huron Township, Romulus Police Departments distribute 55 bikes to needy families via Marines ‘Toys for Tots’ (PICTURES)


Romulus Public Safety Director Jadie Settles (left) and Huron Township Police Chief Everette Robbins (right) accepted 55 bikes on Monday, Dec. 23, 2014 to distribute within their communities to needy children. The bikes were donated to the Huron Township Goodfellows through the Marine’s Toys for Tots program. (photo/Scott Bolthouse)

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

On Dec. 22, The Huron Township and Romulus Police Departments joined forces for a good cause.

55 bikes that were donated to the Huron Township Goodfellows via the Marine Toys for Tots program were given to the Chiefs of both departments.

Their mission: to personally distribute these bikes throughout their communities to the families of needy children.

The bikes, which were part of a larger donation totaling 2,100, were originally given to Toys for Tots by Detroit Piston Owner Tom Gores.

From that point forward, officials from Toys for Tots contacted the Huron Township Goodfellows and asked if they were interested in taking a portion of the bikes to distribute to local families in need.

The Huron Township Goodfellows originally requested ten bikes but were quite surprised when they were told that they could have over 50 bikes to give out.

“The Marine Toys for Tots contacted us and asked if we could distribute the bikes in our community,” said Huron Township Goodfellow Member Helena Lilly. “We have a good working relationship with Toys for Tots, and we went down on Saturday evening to pick them all up from the parade warehouse in Detroit,” she said.

After brining them back and storing them in Huron Township, Lilly and the Goodfellows thought it would be a great idea to contact the Chiefs of both the Huron Township and Romulus Police Departments and ask them to personally distribute the bikes within their communities.

After receiving the bikes, Huron Police Chief Everette Robbins, along with Detective Lieutenant Leo Girard, rode through a local mobile home community in Huron Township and hand delivered some of the bikes to children.

“The officers in the police department are in the trenches everyday,” said Lilly. “They know who to give the bikes too.”

The Country Meadows Mobile Home Community, where some of the first bikes were delivered too, has Community Liaison Officer Phillip Czernik assigned to patrol two days per week, said Chief Robbins. The liaison officers program, started by Robbins, works hand in hand with the residents to help build a strong community partnership. The officers who work in these communities know which residents need these bikes the most, said Robbins.

The remainder of the bikes will be distributed by the departments throughout the week.


All photos by Scott Bolthouse


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