Police: Reports of destruction and larceny of Christmas decorations leads to three arrests

(File photo by Jeremy Cady)

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor In Chief

Three Huron Township residents have been arrested in connection to multiple complaints of theft and destruction of Christmas decorations in some of the Township’s subdivisions.

On Nov. 30, 2014, the Huron Township Police Department received three complaints related to the destruction and theft of Christmas decorations in the Winding Creek Subdivision, according to Police Chief Everette Robbins.

Similar incidents, according to Robbins, were also reported over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the Trail Creek and Eagle Estates subdivisions.

Robbins said that information gathered by Winding Creek Liaison Officer Anthony Grant helped lead to the arrests of one adult and two juvenile township residents. All three were taken into custody on Dec. 1.

The juvenile suspects will be referred to the 34th District Court Juvenile Division.

Some of the stolen property was recovered and returned to the residents.

The Huron Township Police Department recently initiated a Neighborhood Coordinator Program with the intent to give residents within Huron’s neighborhoods a liaison from the police department.

The goal of the program is to work hand in hand with the residents to help build strong community partnerships, Robbins said.

“This is another example of the results we can obtain when our residents and police department work together as partners,” he said.

“While this may seem like a minor incident to some, it is something that we as a police agency will continue to take seriously and we will hold those accountable that affect the quality of life of our residents.”

Robbins credits the lisasion program for helping to quickly identify and catch the suspects who were committing these crimes.

“This is a great early indication that our neighborhood liaison program can be successful. The fact that the residents felt comfortable contacting Officer Grant based on familiarity and trust, shows that we can solve most issues facing our community if we continue to work together. Officer Grant is an experienced and dedicated officer who used his skills to bring this to a quick resolution; I appreciate his efforts as well.”


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