Purple Pinkie: A Polio Eradicating Success


On October 15, the Huron Township Rotary Club in cooperation with the Huron School District did a Purple Pinkie Drive in which purple ribbons were tied to students’ pinky finger.  Students contributed $1 for a ribbon which replicates the purple dye applied to children’s fingers as they receive the Polio vaccine in third world countries.

Rotary International, supported by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is pushing to end Polio world-wide.  This club is proud to announce that with the amount of money raised, and through a matching grant, over 5000 children can be vaccinated.  All of this is due to Huron Township Rotary and the Huron School District joint efforts.

Our Chairman, John Chont along with the logistics coordinator Lori Tavtigian, and the Rotarians who tied the thousands of ribbons have seen their efforts end well.

The Purple Pinkie was one of the club’s 12 Projects in 12 Months initiative to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Huron Township Rotary Club.


The information and pictures in this article are courtesy of the Huron Township Rotary. Visit their website at www.HuronTownshipRotary.Org


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