Huron Township Police arrest two home invasion suspects out of Southwest Detroit; both involved in recent string of robberies


By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor in Chief 

Following Friday’s news of a home invasion suspect caught on video surveillance on Sibley Road, the Huron Township Police Department has made two arrests.

Both suspects were arrested in Southwest Detroit and are believed to be involved in the high profile home invasions that have taken place over the past few weeks in Huron Township.

Huron Township Chief of Police Everette Robbins says both suspects are in custody and will be identified following arraignment.

Police say one of the arrested suspects was identified as the 46 year old male who was caught on video surveillance footage robbing a home in the 27000 block of Sibley Road on Thursday, Sept. 4.

That same 46 year old suspect, according to Robbins, was also involved in the two simultaneous home invasions that occurred on Aug. 28 on Sterling Street and on Waltz Road. This suspect was also arrested for a home invasion that occurred in the 31900 block of Pennsylvania Road on June 2.

As if the home invasion charges for this suspect weren’t enough, the man was arrested while in a stolen vehicle reported out of Brownstown Township. The suspect will face charges for driving that stolen vehicle.

The second arrested suspect was a 50 year old male out of Southwest Detroit. The suspect was also connected with the simultaneous home invasions on Sterling and Waltz on Aug. 28.

“We again want to show our residents that we will use all resources available to us to solve crimes in our community and make their community safer,” said Robbins.

“We are extremely grateful for the outside partnerships that we are developing with agencies like the FBI, Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, Western Wayne, DRANO and the Detroit Police Department. As important, is the community involvement we are seeing. A strong message was sent by our community that these things won’t be tolerated. Over 116,000 people seeing our Facebook alert was impressive and shows that the residents care about their community; we are thankful for the community partnerships and resident trust we are developing.”

Robbins noted that he believes that this group of suspects is responsible for a high percentage of the home invasions that have occurred in Huron Township in recent weeks.

“While we are very relieved to get them off our streets, we don’t want our residents to become complacent; we want them to remain vigilant and protect their belongings by locking them up. They should sleep well tonight knowing these people are off the streets, but lock your windows, doors, cars, and garages as you sleep well,” Robbins said.

In a Friday evening Facebook post, Chief Robbins stated that home invasions in the area aren’t on a rise, citing that the burglaries that we are seeing in 2014 compare almost exactly to the numbers from 2013. The post also noted that surrounding communities receive a higher report rate for likewise crimes.

“Our goal is to send a strong message to criminals that Huron Township is not the place to come and commit these or any other types of crimes. We will continue to send that message and go wherever and do whatever we need to bring these people to justice,” said Robbins.

Anyone with further information regarding these crimes should contact the Huron Township Police Department at 734-753-4400.


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