Huron Township Police Beat — July, 2014


Police activity in Huron Township for the month of July, 2014:

July 3– a resident in the 28000 block of Grix rd. reported that a large amount of tools were stolen from their residence. A suspect was identified and the tools were recovered.

July 5— Officers responded to the 28000 block of Country Ln. for a motorcycle theft. A 2004 SUZUKI GXR 1300 was stolen from the residence driveway.

July 7– Officers responded to the 18000 block of Vining for suspicious persons. During a check of the area, a trailer stolen out of the City of Romulus was located and recovered.

July 7– Officers responded to the 29000 block of Hazelwood for a breaking and entering. Prescription drugs were stolen from the residence.

July 11— Officers responded to the 25000 block of Waltz Road for a breaking and entering report. Building materials were reported stolen from the construction site.

July 19 A resident from the 32000 block of Sibley Rd. reported a theft of a wallet from her motor vehicle. The vehicle was left unlocked.

July 19– A resident in the 37000 block of Dale Dr. reported that two DVD players were stolen from their unlocked vehicle.

July 21 A  resident in the 24000 block of Independence Dr. reported their vehicle “ransacked” with $6.00 in change missing. The vehicle was left unlocked.





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