Pennsylvania Road overpass receiving much needed repairs


Repairs to the Pennsylvania Road overpass at I-275 in Huron Township take place on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. The overpass has been a literal mess for years, causing grief for area drivers.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor in Chief


Lets all be honest here — one of the most hated roads in Huron Township is the Pennsylvania Road bridge that passes over I-275.

Residents and commuters do whatever they can to steer clear of it.

Some go out of their way and use Sibley or Eureka Roads as an alternate route, trying to avoid the cascading effect of pot hole after pot hole.

Drivers have even used the shoulder at times (who hasn’t?) as an extra lane and last ditch effort to avoid one of the most degraded roads in Huron Township.

For residents and commuters, good news is on the horizon.

As of Wednesday, July 30, the overpass is finally receiving what will hopefully be a long-lasting solution to our woes. Traffic is cut down to one lane on the bridge due to the construction, so efforts to avoid the area might still be necessary.

However, the short-term inconvenience will translate into happy, headache free driving in the future.


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