Huron Township Police will use Nixle to communicate with residents

Nixle can alert you to multiple public safety situations across neighboring communities.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Nixle is an internet community information service that allows an entity to publish messages and send them directly to subscribed residents. The Huron Township Police Department will be using this service to communicate with the public and they encourage residents to sign up for this free service as soon as possible.

Subscribers will receive important messages depending on the preferences they set up at the time of registration — usually via an email, text message, or simply viewing the messages on the web.

Sign up for notifications and view the department’s Nixle page here:

According to Police Chief Everette Robbins, messages may include police situations such as missing children as well as other relevant safety and community event information.

“We believe Nixle can allow us to get information out to our residents quickly and efficiently,” said Robbins.

“Creating community partnerships is our number one priority and this is a great way to keep our residents informed and involved.”

Nixle is secure and trustworthy. When residents receive information from an entity using Nixle, they know it can be trusted.

With Nixle, you can add as many law enforcement networks as you wish. Residents can receive messages from neighboring communities as well as their own.



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