Huron Township Board of Trustees appoint new police chief (updated)

Detective Everette Robbins will take over as Chief of the Huron TWP Police Department on June 1, 2014. (Photo/Washtenaw Sheriffs Department)

Detective Everette Robbins will take over as Chief of the Huron TWP Police Department on June 1, 2014. (File photo/Washtenaw Sheriffs Department)

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor


The Board of Trustees appointed Everette Robbins as the new police chief in Huron Township, following a special meeting Tuesday morning.

Robbins, a Huron Township resident, will take over as chief on June 1. Lt. Gary Dockter has been unofficially acting as the police department’s chief following the death of former Chief Scott Carey.

Carey, 38, died in January 2014 after battling cancer. Carey was appointed chief in January 2013.

According to Huron Township Clerk Kathlene Van Wasshnova, Robbins’ resume shows that he has worked with multiple police agencies holding different titles. His most current position is with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department as a detective. Robbins has worked with the Belleville and Romulus Police departments, the Special Tactics and Response Unit and the Crimes Against Children Task Force, according to Clerk Van Wasshnova.

According to Clerk Van Wasshnova, the decision was not unanimous. The vote was 6-1 to hire Robbins. Trustee Krause voted against the hiring of Robbins.

We’ll have more information about the new chief as it becomes available.


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6 thoughts on “Huron Township Board of Trustees appoint new police chief (updated)

  1. Matt Tata

    Has he ever held any administrative positions on any other departments? and what’s his educational background? Finding the answer to those two questions might give you the answer to why they voted nay.

    1. huronhub Post author

      Hi Matt- thanks for your inquiry. Since we don’t have a resume yet, we can’t report on the full details of Mr. Robbins’ career in law enforcement. What we do know, is that he has worked with multiple law enforcement agencies and task forces. When more information is available, we’ll report it.

      1. Matt Tata

        I appreciate the reply, hopefully he is the best qualified person for the position. I hope we can receive verification of his qualifications so the citizens know that he is the best man for the job and the most qualified candidate.

  2. Ralph Simpson

    I just spoke with an officer from the department. It seems that there are 11 officers with the department now that have more experience than the new chief. 5 have supervisory experience. Lt. Dockter has run the department for a year. Why didn’t the board pick an officer already working for the township? This hire just seems fishy to me. We should stand behind the officers that have put in their time for the township. I hope this is not a case of hiring because of a family relationship, like I’ve seen posted.

    1. Stacy Brugh

      It appears that the Huron Twp police department is in need of an overhaul. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the present upper command officers have become very complacent. It shows do to that fact that the computer network isarchaic, not working and has not been working, in and out of the police station for 3 years.

      The person incharge of this is Lt Gary Doctor. Not anyone else. This puts,any and all officers and the public at risk. Note not one police car has a working computer in it, and has not had one working for 2 years. Lt Doctors soul job is the police department computer system. There is only one working computer to use in the station.
      Please note Lt Doctors working hours they are the strangest in the field. He works 4:00am till 12:00 noon. When he was approached about his strange working hours his reply was I don’t like dealing with the public.

      So with that said this is just one job performance measure. All of this information is kept from the publics knowledge. Just a sample of how important it is to keep this system up and running is. If a police office gets in trouble the police cars GPS transponder does not transmit his location back to the dispatch center.

      Next Sgt Leo Gerard is one of the most unprofessional representives of the department. He has no tact or deplomicy. This guy is so power hungry that he has threatened law suits to be promoted. It’s common knolage that he’s unapproachable and only operates in his own best interest.

      So to wrap this up, if one of any intelligence, were to step back and take a look you will see that. These officers are scared that they will now be held accountable. They have had free rain for the past 2 years and now the party is over.


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