Resident comments on economic growth and development in Huron Township


Apr. 28, 2014

To the Editor:

The economy is picking up in this area as evidenced by some new construction of homes, increased remodeling by homeowners and commercial business development. What is the current leadership of the township doing to bring retail activity to the town, such as a grocery store? The residents have to traverse a pitifully maintained Monroe county roadway (Grafton Rd) to access the closest grocery store (for those of us that live in the southern section of township). or commute to other cities such as Belleville, Woodhaven or Canton. What has this Republican led township governance been able to gain return for our tax money from the Democratic party controlled county leadership? What is the township leadership doing to make east-west travel on our roadways, particularly in the southerly section of the township, any better? Will-Carleton road is not in good shape, as well as Huron River and Van Horn. When, if ever, could we see full paving of West Road from Merriman to Inkster? Huron River is a disaster from King to West. These are just a few examples. The residents of the township deserve better. What is going on with the failed Pinnacle racetrack? Why does the township need to purchase any land in the middle of town for a sitting area at the river? We have parks galore which offer a whole lot more.

Brett Jebbia




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