Huron Township listed in top 50 safest cities in Michigan



By Scott Bolthouse

Coming in at number 24, Huron Township made a list of the 50 safest cities in Michigan, according to a article published by Safewise.

The Safewise Report is a website whom, accoring to their Facebook page, is “The authority on safety and home security news”. According to John Roskelley of Safewise, they’ve “spent a great deal of time examining FBI crime statistics from 2012, including violent crimes as well as property crimes, and compiled this detailed list of the 50 safest cities in Michigan with populations of at least 10,000 residents. While we’re calling it the ‘safest cities,’ we’ve included all municipalities with more than 10,000 population.”

Here is an excerpt from the section on Huron TWP:

“24. Huron Charter Township

The beautiful Huron Charter Township, just southwest of Detroit, is situated along the Huron River. Its tranquil setting and three riverside Metroparks make this a great place to raise a family.

Its low crime rates attract both families and business, helping make it a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Its three Metroparts are Lower Huron, Willow, and Oakwoods and together create miles of hiking and biking paths. Additional activities include kayaking, golfing, and fishing.

The Huron School District operates a high school, a middle school and two elementary schools within the area. Its commitment to education has resulted in its school being chosen to participate in the “Schools of Choice” program, which allows parents in Wayne County to enroll their children in any participating schools.”




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