The Huron Hub: A news source for Huron Township


The sun sets on Pennsylvania and Wayne roads in northern Huron Township

Huron Township is it’s own little ecosystem within Downriver. On one hand, it borders large Downriver communities like Taylor, Romulus, and Brownstown TWP. On the other hand, it seems so secluded from the heart of Downriver that it could be easily put into it’s own category; it’s rural yet easily accessible to the busy Downriver suburban area. 

The goal of the Huron Hub will be to serve the community with ethical, non biased news, events, and other happenings within this beautiful community. Check back for information on local government, police, politics and many other aspects of township news.

If you want to contribute to The Huron Hub, please visit our donations page.

As always, your comments, suggestions, tips and news releases are welcome. Please visit our contact page.

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